Stranger Danger!!

hahahaha that made me chuckle out loud. Shoot...if I had been away from my blog from any longer........I'd be a stranger...but no worries...it's just me! :)

I feel miserable for being off of here for 5 days straight! Nothing too serious kept me away, except for life really.
I've been making tons of hats, trying to figure out a way to apply the rest of my ideas to yarn and get it out...but I'm currently just trying to stay on top of my orders! I've got some more to fill and then hopefully I'll be able to get all these newbies posted for your enjoyment! :)

I've had a million ideas for putting up a Valentine's day blog. Here's the thing...I love the idea of love. It's amazing. However...I don't know. I'm not all about Valentine's day. It's strange. I love being in love. I love having a special day to celebrate my love, but why not just do that all the time? Anyway...I'll cook a special meal and plan a special night once the kids go to bed...yeah you know it...we'll probably spice things up and watch a whole movie!!! hahaha or I'm sure there's a hockey game that night...so...there goes the idea of a movie night. Again I'm totally ok with this.

Unfortunately I know I'm probably alone in this thinking...so for all of you ladies who craft special Valentine's day decorations and cook special Valentine's day treats...here are some ideas for you....

Lil Luna's Valentine's Day Wreath

Ready, Set, Craft's Cupkins Valentine's Day Edition

Infarrantly Creative's Countdown to Kisses

Tatertots & Jello's Cupcake Liner Wreath

Enjoy these...I absolutely love them!!! Now go craft!!! I know I need to! I've got...oh about 12 different crafts I have to do...first come hats...(if you want to place an order with me please email me or call...leave me a message on my facebook...you know how to use all this technology to get a hold of me hehe)

Have fun with your Valentine's Day project! If you make them...take a picture and leave me a comment!! I would LOVE to see you projects!!!


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