Happy New Year!

Happy Happy 2011!!!

 I'm not gonna lie...I'm not one of those people who were saying..."Thank God 2010 is over" "It sucked" "Fresh new start in 2011" because frankly 2010 was amazing...so many great things happened and yes obviously there were some moments that I wished hadn't happen (doesn't everyone?) however I look at it as a growing experience...As stated in Meet the Robinsons "Keep Moving Forward"...this happens to be my motto. I never linger on a negative. Always pushing forward...onto bigger and better things. Things always get better.

 Now...I've been struggling with something for weeks now. We have laminate flooring in our basement condo. The floor is ALWAYS cold. The only time it isn't is when we have a roaring fire in our fireplace. Which I don't do during the day considering I have to leave in the afternoons. In saying this we come to my problem. I wear socks...Nathanael, Thomas, Studley & Hadleigh wear socks. It's the thing to do to keep toes warm right? Well Brien hates wearing socks in the house.
His reason..."Mom I slip!" And he does. He's slightly clumsy due to his large dome. And where as it's hilarious to watch him...when he gets going he'll slip and slide all over the floor. Falling down, running into walls. He giggles and it's amusing until he whacks his dome on something.
The result is that normally his feet are freezing. I haven't been able to find no skid socks in his size...so I said hey I'm going to make them...why not right? Super simple project...I mean he could have done it...
Like I said...super simple...super adorable. 
The tutorial is over in...oh wait you guessed it...tutorial land :)

Soon they'll be dry and soon he'll be running all over the place with warm feet...of course now he has no reason to be clumsy...I'm sure he'll find a way!

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