Relax, Breathe, Create

So today begins the kids' school break...oh heavens...we're in for it. The countdown to Christmas is now T-3 days...really 2 and a half as the kids stated.

The neighbors gifts...FINISHED! Thank the good lord! The Christmas cards have begun being delivered by our neighborhood friendly mailman & I'm finishing up the greatest little gifts ever! Believe it or not I feel completely prepared for the Christmas whirlwind to begin.

I keep telling myself..."Kristin, don't worry...relax, breathe...you can get all this done...everyone will love everything and soon very soon you'll be able to take a break!" All I can say is my poor house. The hubs says he can't wait until I can clean up my craft stuff. It's looking like my craft closet puked all over the dining room. I must agree...but I have to say it's at least contained. So between 3 crazy boys, 1 sweet little girl & a ton of crafts I'm thinking I need a mansion to keep everything organized!

I've been really enjoying my creative processes this Christmas. Tons of projects started and here I am hoping I can get them all done. Obviously some aren't for Christmas. Like Hadleigh's crib bumper & blanket. The boys' quilts...those will just have to wait! Soon very soon...

I really hope you all are having a very relaxing and super merry holiday & hopefully I'll be able to get some more work done to this silly blog soon....make it "Me"! I'm working on it....however I suppose the holiday season wasn't the best time to start? hahaha

Merry Christmas!!!


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