Coming out from under the bed.....

So I literally feel like I've been hiding from the blogging world.

I know so many people say...Oh it's so hard to work and spend time in the Blogosphere. BUT let's be honest with everyone...

I have 4 kiddos. 

I now have a completely successful business.

In having a completely successful business it requires all of my extra time. And when I'm not working until 12-1 am on orders...I do try and spend time with my insanely handsome, Studley.

So I guess the real question is:

In my blogging hiatus...what have you been doing?

I've been popping out some new styles, working on orders and trying to stay sane.

The McKenzie

I love this little variation of the Chloe. It also comes in these colors however is not limited to these colors. Remember I work in the beauty of YOUR imagination if you so choose...

The McKenzie

How about this one?

The Aviator
The aviator was actually inspired by a client. She said...I need something like this. Can you make it?

Let me tell you.


I don't think that many people realize that if I don't offer it in my shop and you find something you like...

Because I love an excuse to make something NEW!

There are some other new beauties. 
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My goal is to keep up with everything...but you all know how fun that can be at times =)!

Enjoy and I'll be back soon.



  1. Theses are super cute, my grandmother just made MY Hadleigh one and I can not wait till she gets here so I can take pictures of her in it...<3