Oh Pinterest.

Have you all gotten addicted yet?

I LOVE Pinterest.

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It's an amazing way to keep track of about 129387283461823729347 new projects you want to start...I love everything about it. It's easy to use and completely and utterly addicting.

Here's my issue.

I now have a ton of stuff I want to make. I will have to eventually find the time. But when I do. Yes I plan on doing each and every one of them...or at least that's my goal. Finding the time to add in addition to the rest of the stuff I have to do is my problem!! Where do these people find the time? 

I manage some time here and there...and let's be serious here....when I'm out and I'm bored doing whatever it is that I should be doing...like waiting for pizzas at Little Ceasars...I'm PINNING on my iPhone. Because come on now, that's one of the most amazing apps. I love it!

I just pinned. From my phone. hehe

I haven't been on in a few days, other than my phone, which is fine with me, but I can hear it calling every time I'm on the computer. It's hard to stay away, but I know that everything else comes first. AND then I get Pinterest. I also know that when I'm on Pinterest I need to slot a few hours. Not because I'll spend them all on there, but it is a possibility to lose track of time and it stretches INTO hours lol.

It's just an amazing thing though. To have all of these beautiful ideas and interests in one spot.

I love to think that these people are completely genius who think of these amazing things.


Go follow me.
Love, Hadleigh's got a board. 

Let's spread the love!

Ok I'm off of here to go do some actual work...wait until you see the beautiful goodies I'm working up!

remember...I love hearing your comments. I read every comment ever posted...no matter where it is.

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