It's Thursday...time for a laugh!

I found this on another blog...however I can't remember it right now off the top of my head...
It's Thursday and I found this and had to share it. So let’s celebrate with a little bit of crochet humor. We all know that crocheters are often called “hookers” and there are lots of puns associated with the term. But crochet hookers do have some things in common with those women who sell themselves, don’t they?

I'm not trying to market myself as a hooker...but...since I am a "hooker" hahaha....sigh...

Here are ten things that hookers and “hookers” have in common:
  1. Hookers make money doing something that other people do for free.
  2. Although there are some male hookers the majority of hookers are women.
  3. Some hookers work for a boss but it’s better to work for yourself in this business!
  4. There are some jobs that are quick and easy and others that take more effort and energy.
  5. Women have been hooking for hundreds of years. It’s an age old art although not one that society always looks favorably upon. Some women are proud to be hookers and even flaunt it in public. Others hide their hooking in the privacy of their own homes.
  6. You constantly have to market yourself as a hooker if you want this to be a profitable job.
  7. Hookers put a little of their souls into every job they do.
  8. Amateurs and experts alike can do a great job at hooking if they put some passion into it.
  9. You don’t need a lot of special gadgets to be a hooker but the right tools do make the job a lot easier.
  10. The best hookers are using their skills to take care of other people.

I hope you all had a good laugh. This amused me! Happy Thursday everyone!!

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