Classy Coasters & Such!

It's a fabulous Wednesday in the Mastrangelo home. After a lovely 2 hr delay for what looks like 1/2 an inch of snow (even though yes Virginians...I know there was ice too...) It was nice being able to relax this morning with the kiddos before rushing off to school...however I feel like it's shortened my day. I still have two sweet babies with colds. Thank goodness Hadleigh isn't sick...no meds make for an unhappy baby.

As you all know I've also started selling hats & such. I'm having a blast with it! Currently, I'm finishing up my second order. I love these hats. Being able to make the world prettier makes me happy. They're so flippin' cute! Now that these orders are being finished I'm finishing up the boys' hats (to which I'm having to make my own pattern considering the one I'm using gave me SO MANY issues). I can't wait. Hadleigh's got 3 more designs coming. So excited! I can't wait. Please check out my facebook page Love, Hadleigh Designs...

Ok enough with that....now...for Christmas I made everyone I knew that used coasters a set of personalized coasters...not personalized with there names, but personalized with scrapbook paper that I felt matched them.
So those are mine. I am completely obsessed with damask print right now. Black and pink...or even grey and pink are all time favorite color combos of mine as well. I love adding the stripes in with the damask...however polka dots would have been adorable as well just not as classy.

These are super easy to make and I love them so much. The fact that I now can get Studley to use a coaster amazes me even more!!

Scrapbook paper inspires me. Not so much to do scrapbooks. I've tried this...I get bored very quickly with scrapbooking mostly because I'm a perfectionist and it takes me HOURS to do a page. Plus I have so many ideas for each page...ugh. However there's so many other things you can do with paper...so I thought I'd show you these and see what you thought...and I wanna know what inspires you!

I hope you all have a happy Wednesday & if it's at all possible to use some spray paint today in these super cold temps then I might be able to get a tutorial up here on some wall art I've done...otherwise I might just show you how to make some awesome coasters!

Ok so I'm off to crochet & clean (don't tell Studley, he thinks the house cleans itself!)

Much  love,

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