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Oh it's a glorious Friday!! Even if I have to say so myself. I've got orders rolling in...makes me happy...Hadleigh was just giggling away this morning for no reason other than I lifted her out of bed...too too cute!
It's just a good day...plus I've got plans this weekend to relax with Studley and just have a quiet & calm weekend...other than having 4 kids and family coming to hang out! ;)

Ok so...I'm lame and didn't get the tutorial up the other day. I'm not going to lie I've been crocheting my fingers to the bone plus Tommy & Brien haven't been feeling, what you would call....awesome...on top of that it is 23 degrees outside so I can't spray paint currently.

However not to disappoint I'm going to put up this darling little tutorial with pictures I have currently even though the frames are in black and not going to be in black when I'm done with them.

So I was thinking. I love fabric. It's addicting...cute prints and an array of colors you can't go too wrong with it...ok well that's not true...but if you like it then you can't go wrong. I like the idea of framing pieces of beautiful fabric. Not only is it pretty and timeless it's also changeable for the seasons or just when you get bored with it. I was thinking though....frames can get pretty pricey and currently I have better things to buy for my kids than ornate frames for my walls. So I was thinking. What would be an interesting little wall treatment without breaking the bank. Thank God for Michael's & Joann's.

Here you go.

You'll need:
Embroidery hoops (different sizes if you'd like)
Fabric *you can use quarters however depending on the size of your hoops)
Spray paint

Super simple idea...great outcome.

Take your embroidery hoops apart. I only spray painted the outside piece...if you want to do both be my guest!

Measure your fabric. Lay straight on the table and place the OUTSIDE of the embroidery hoop on it. Draw a circle around the hoop giving it just a little over so it gets nicely tucked under and yet can be pulled tight.

 Place your fabric on the inside hoop....like soooooo.... :)
Have the outside hoop screwed tightly but not too tight it won't go on. Once you've done that slide it over the inside hoop and fabric. pulling the way you'd like. And tada you're done.

Complete the rest of the hoops you have and hang. I'm still waiting to hang mine until my hubby can get some more nails for me & oh yeah I can spray them WHITE! Ugh sometimes I dislike the freezing cold weather  we're having now. I hope you guys enjoy this cute little idea...

Happy FRIDAY!!!!!!

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  1. i love this! maybe I can do this for a wall art... since I can't find a painting i like!