Sometimes Things Should Sparkle

I'm not sure if you all know...I'm pretty sure, unless you really know me, you don't. 

After Hadleigh was born I had a small issue. No, not postpartum depression...although this problem created a small case of "OMG if this doesn't stop my life will end"-itus. (yes that's my very own ailment)

I had a c-section with Hadleigh. Mostly because I was scared to death that she was going to be the same as Brien. 

With Brien I was promised an 8 pound lovely little bundle of boy. I gained 7 pounds in my whole pregnancy...to be honest...it was a dream. When I was delivering...we had a TON of problems. Mostly because his heart rate dropped deadly low...my heart rate dropped deadly low...I was woozy and feeling like boo boo. The doctor threw paper work at me to sign because WE HAD to have an emergency c-section. Brien came out a whopping 10 pounds 10 ounces of flubbery baby boy. He was perfect. And to be honest...he was a string bean...He was 24 inches long. But needless to say...he scared the bageegees out of me. 

So with Hadleigh I planned everything. I wasn't about to be put in the place I was before. Well Hadleigh was a HUGE 7 pounds 6 ounces. Tiny TINY little thing. My smallest baby...And everything with her delivery (AND pregnancy) went beautifully. It was genius. However afterwards...within 3 months of her birth I was dealing with the same problem I went through with Brien.

I was dealing with postpartum alopecia. My hair was falling out in clumps. That was depressing. Like really depressing. Finally my hair stopped falling out. And it's growing back in. And it's looking fabulous. So once I started dying my hair blonde again my fabulous stylist, Bobbie, said "Kristin...you're gonna have to cut back and only wash your hair once a week. Start trying out dry shampoos and you'll be able to do it."

As horrible as it sounds...I have. However in doing that by day 3/4 I'm wearing my hair in pony tails, messy buns, braids...you name it...I've done it. It's been hard. But it's almost all the way back in and I'm still just washing my hair once a week (because let's be real here...I went from black to blonde) But when I go to wash my hair...I pull out that pony holder it still rips out hair and just breaks my heart. So I went looking for something amazing to help me. To be able to hold up my hair and be super easy on my locks.

Cue {Knotieties}. 

Created by the ever fabulous & ridiculous sweet Jen Croghan. She is the sweetest little thing ever...not to mention amazing. She makes beautiful little elastics. Some sparkly, some for blondes, some for brunettes...completely up to you! Now let me explain. These aren't your typical hair ties. These are wide elastics, that you can also rock on your wrist for some bling as well.

I bought myself some. I love them. I can sleep in them, run in them, gym it up in them and when I take them out...NO HAIR. You don't hear any breakage. And I love them.
I bought Hadleigh some...they brighten up her little piggie tails. And she clearly loves taking them out and using them as bracelets...because Hadleigh...is a girly girl.

Every girl should sparkle.

You should check out Jen & her adorable {knotieties}. 
She's having a GIVEAWAY right now now too...so get in on that...

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I love you all! =) 

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