Stranger Danger!!

hahahaha that made me chuckle out loud. Shoot...if I had been away from my blog from any longer........I'd be a stranger...but no worries...it's just me! :)

I feel miserable for being off of here for 5 days straight! Nothing too serious kept me away, except for life really.
I've been making tons of hats, trying to figure out a way to apply the rest of my ideas to yarn and get it out...but I'm currently just trying to stay on top of my orders! I've got some more to fill and then hopefully I'll be able to get all these newbies posted for your enjoyment! :)

I've had a million ideas for putting up a Valentine's day blog. Here's the thing...I love the idea of love. It's amazing. However...I don't know. I'm not all about Valentine's day. It's strange. I love being in love. I love having a special day to celebrate my love, but why not just do that all the time? Anyway...I'll cook a special meal and plan a special night once the kids go to bed...yeah you know it...we'll probably spice things up and watch a whole movie!!! hahaha or I'm sure there's a hockey game that night...so...there goes the idea of a movie night. Again I'm totally ok with this.

Unfortunately I know I'm probably alone in this thinking...so for all of you ladies who craft special Valentine's day decorations and cook special Valentine's day treats...here are some ideas for you....

Lil Luna's Valentine's Day Wreath

Ready, Set, Craft's Cupkins Valentine's Day Edition

Infarrantly Creative's Countdown to Kisses

Tatertots & Jello's Cupcake Liner Wreath

Enjoy these...I absolutely love them!!! Now go craft!!! I know I need to! I've got...oh about 12 different crafts I have to do...first come hats...(if you want to place an order with me please email me or call...leave me a message on my facebook...you know how to use all this technology to get a hold of me hehe)

Have fun with your Valentine's Day project! If you make them...take a picture and leave me a comment!! I would LOVE to see you projects!!!



Handmade with Love

Welcome Thursday!

 Today resumes the regular school schedule of my older children...regular naptimes of my younger children...and the regular work schedule of Studley.....THANK GOD! I was starting to miss my daytimes where I could do my chores & get my work done without having to redo everything 20 seconds later....I never realized how much calmer my house is during the day with just the younger 2 than I did with the holiday this past Monday & then the kids and hubs being out of school and work....I love quiet.........with 4 kids this is a luxury...one that I partake in every day from 12-2:30...I realized it is also one I do not like giving up without a fight hehehe...I have 5 days a week where this happens...I love it. I get so much done!

 Now...to the awesomeness...everyone loves receiving handmade/ homemade gifts...especially if they're done with love and class. Now to half (donkey) a project bothers me...some people just don't take the time to make a nice gift which then puts a damper on people enjoying a homemade gift. If you put time and effort into it...a homemade gift is better than ANYTHING you could get in a store...(except of course a good Michael Kors purse or heels...but you know what I mean)

 So when you make these coasters take your time. Make sure your measurements are right on for how you want them to look and take your time cutting the paper so your design on it is exactly what you want. Also when using modpodge you're gonna want to make sure you make the lines smooth and easy...

 What you'll need:

 Scrapbook paper (look for paper sales and stock up...I just got 6 sheets for 96 cents)
 4x4 Ceramic Tiles (I got mine from Lowe's for 16 cents a piece)
 4x4 Felt Squares or Cork (I used felt...and just modpodged it on...works fabulously...this is just to protect your tables)
 Modpodge (I used a coupon and got it super cheap)
 a spongbrush
 Clear sealant (not necessary because you can use modpodge, but I liked the extra layer)

Now....the fun.

Make sure your tiles are free of dust and debris.

Cut your paper into the pattern you want. This is tricky and actually took me the longest. Mainly because I'm a perfectionist. I also wanted a little space on the inside which is nice because it'll lay flat.

Get your spongebrush and layer on a thin layer of modpodge all over the tile. Gently place you paper square on top. Press down firmly getting out air bubbles and making sure it's completely straight and stuck!

Take the extra little that will be squished out off and put it back. Let the modpodge dry completely.

After it's completely dry.... Flip it over. Put a thick layer of modpodge on the underside of the tile. After you do this place your felt or cork and press down. Let dry.
When that's dry flip it back over and put down another layer of modpodge over the paper. This will dry clear and seal it. Once that's completely dry add an additional layer just to make sure...make certain you cover the whole paper completely. I personally ran down the sides of the tile.

I finished with a clear sealant. Valspar makes one (you can also get this at Lowe's). I used one from Michael's...I just don't remember what the name of it was.

Once this is done...and it's dried they are ready to give away!!

The beauty is you can make about 9 out of one sheet of 12x12 paper! It's amazing! Depends on your cut of the paper also...Now as you can tell I mixed my prints. I love the look of a mixed print...adds something...however you can also do 4 of one print...they also look darling!!

But now you've made a great gift...perfect for housewarmings and so on!!!

Get out of here & go start creating!!!



RHoPWC Interview

Ok so the ladies down are RHoPWC (for those of you not in PWC....that stands for the Real Housewives of Prince William County) decided that little ol' me was worthy of interviewing...Studley thought it was rather amusing that I loved doing it (he said *and I quote* "You just looooove talking about yourself, don't you?) This made me chuckle because...yes as a matter of fact I apparently did! :) I had so much fun doing this with them!

Real Housewives of Prince William County Blog

So check them out! They're awesome women!! Now this evening I'll be putting together some cute little crafts I think...and getting a tutorial up....If I can tear myself away from crocheting :):)

Have a happy Wednesday!!


Tons of Beauty

So I've been just slavin' away. I get inspired and completely get caught up in what I'm doing. Making hats has been making me super happy. Coming out with these new patterns & filling orders requires a little juggling, but Studley has been enjoying keeping me on my toes and doing what I'm supposed to :)....I'll be coming out with a few more patterns today & tomorrow so hopefully I'll be able to get those posted ASAP!

After yesterday's feat of cleaning the kids room (they were reorganized...yes they hated it! haha) Everything was labeled and placed in their specific boxes and put away. I hate clutter. In fact I abhor it. Brien's bed is taller than normal twin sized beds. It's actually the perfect height and it's "daddy's" childhood bed so I love it. The reason it's the perfect height is mostly because the boys' toy tubs *sterilite is my best friend* get labeled & then they slide right under the bed! This obviously made my day when I realized this awhile back, plus it gives the boys extra room "for activities :)" ha. So once I got done with this I realized...hey while I'm at it let's do a once over the house...when this bug  bites me I have to finish otherwise I get frustrated. Needless to say it didn't take me long...but still I feel much better! Now today I can relax knowing my days list of chores for today are done. I can sit and play around on here!

 So onto fun things. Later I'm gonna post up a glorious tutorial for these fun coasters I posted a few days ago....then maybe we'll tackle a post on getting organized...that's not as much fun haha

 Now let's show off Love, Hadleigh's newest hat designs....

Now obviously...aside from the little boy bear hat these other hats are done for girls mostly because these model hats will be worn by Hadleigh. She's actually wearing the sweet little bear hat today...(matches her little bear outfit) However these hats come in a variety of colors & combos. The little green hat (The Zoie) doesn't have to have the band or a button...it can be done in blues or red...or any boy color and you would have the sweetest little boy hat. 
I'm going to be working on some other boy hats here as soon as I can. I've got a Dinosaur hat & a bomber...also some others I'm working on...like a newsboy. Super cute. Love these! These hats are great and definitely well made! 

Check out my facebook page & put in your order!
Love, Hadleigh

Come back later for a new tutorial...and just because we have so much fun around here :)



Simple & Sweet

Oh it's a glorious Friday!! Even if I have to say so myself. I've got orders rolling in...makes me happy...Hadleigh was just giggling away this morning for no reason other than I lifted her out of bed...too too cute!
It's just a good day...plus I've got plans this weekend to relax with Studley and just have a quiet & calm weekend...other than having 4 kids and family coming to hang out! ;)

Ok so...I'm lame and didn't get the tutorial up the other day. I'm not going to lie I've been crocheting my fingers to the bone plus Tommy & Brien haven't been feeling, what you would call....awesome...on top of that it is 23 degrees outside so I can't spray paint currently.

However not to disappoint I'm going to put up this darling little tutorial with pictures I have currently even though the frames are in black and not going to be in black when I'm done with them.

So I was thinking. I love fabric. It's addicting...cute prints and an array of colors you can't go too wrong with it...ok well that's not true...but if you like it then you can't go wrong. I like the idea of framing pieces of beautiful fabric. Not only is it pretty and timeless it's also changeable for the seasons or just when you get bored with it. I was thinking though....frames can get pretty pricey and currently I have better things to buy for my kids than ornate frames for my walls. So I was thinking. What would be an interesting little wall treatment without breaking the bank. Thank God for Michael's & Joann's.

Here you go.

You'll need:
Embroidery hoops (different sizes if you'd like)
Fabric *you can use quarters however depending on the size of your hoops)
Spray paint

Super simple idea...great outcome.

Take your embroidery hoops apart. I only spray painted the outside piece...if you want to do both be my guest!

Measure your fabric. Lay straight on the table and place the OUTSIDE of the embroidery hoop on it. Draw a circle around the hoop giving it just a little over so it gets nicely tucked under and yet can be pulled tight.

 Place your fabric on the inside hoop....like soooooo.... :)
Have the outside hoop screwed tightly but not too tight it won't go on. Once you've done that slide it over the inside hoop and fabric. pulling the way you'd like. And tada you're done.

Complete the rest of the hoops you have and hang. I'm still waiting to hang mine until my hubby can get some more nails for me & oh yeah I can spray them WHITE! Ugh sometimes I dislike the freezing cold weather  we're having now. I hope you guys enjoy this cute little idea...

Happy FRIDAY!!!!!!


Classy Coasters & Such!

It's a fabulous Wednesday in the Mastrangelo home. After a lovely 2 hr delay for what looks like 1/2 an inch of snow (even though yes Virginians...I know there was ice too...) It was nice being able to relax this morning with the kiddos before rushing off to school...however I feel like it's shortened my day. I still have two sweet babies with colds. Thank goodness Hadleigh isn't sick...no meds make for an unhappy baby.

As you all know I've also started selling hats & such. I'm having a blast with it! Currently, I'm finishing up my second order. I love these hats. Being able to make the world prettier makes me happy. They're so flippin' cute! Now that these orders are being finished I'm finishing up the boys' hats (to which I'm having to make my own pattern considering the one I'm using gave me SO MANY issues). I can't wait. Hadleigh's got 3 more designs coming. So excited! I can't wait. Please check out my facebook page Love, Hadleigh Designs...

Ok enough with that....now...for Christmas I made everyone I knew that used coasters a set of personalized coasters...not personalized with there names, but personalized with scrapbook paper that I felt matched them.
So those are mine. I am completely obsessed with damask print right now. Black and pink...or even grey and pink are all time favorite color combos of mine as well. I love adding the stripes in with the damask...however polka dots would have been adorable as well just not as classy.

These are super easy to make and I love them so much. The fact that I now can get Studley to use a coaster amazes me even more!!

Scrapbook paper inspires me. Not so much to do scrapbooks. I've tried this...I get bored very quickly with scrapbooking mostly because I'm a perfectionist and it takes me HOURS to do a page. Plus I have so many ideas for each page...ugh. However there's so many other things you can do with paper...so I thought I'd show you these and see what you thought...and I wanna know what inspires you!

I hope you all have a happy Wednesday & if it's at all possible to use some spray paint today in these super cold temps then I might be able to get a tutorial up here on some wall art I've done...otherwise I might just show you how to make some awesome coasters!

Ok so I'm off to crochet & clean (don't tell Studley, he thinks the house cleans itself!)

Much  love,


Oh Sunday!

Yesterday was a glorious, if not super hectic, day at Chuck E Cheese. Heavens to betsy...let me tell you...I absolutely hate that place. My kiddos better love me forever. I'm just saying that place is complete chaos!

Nathanael had a great time! Came back to the house for cake and awesomeness....our house was packed with family! I loved it!

Now that everything is back to normal I've got 3 projects to accomplish today...hats. Yes that's right! Super excited to make some beautiful hats for my friends. Making the world a cuter place one adorable little hat at a time!

Then hopefully I'll have some time to etch Studley's pilsner glasses with his favorite sports teams...so he can drink in style!

I absolutely love Sundays. They're so relaxing. Now it's time to be off...ready to create some cuteness! Maybe I'll be able to squeeze in even MORE crafts today...but again it's Sunday...tomorrow's Monday & DEFINITELY another day!!!

As for now...have a glorious day...


Just Your Average Friday

Ha! No Friday is ever average around here! It means the running around of the week is over....let the crazy weekend begin! This one even more considering it's Nathanael's 9th birthday! Oh lord have mercy...is that a grey hair? My life never seems to just sit still. For all of you peopl;e out there complaining that you're bored....oh please oh please give me some boredom. My dad always said..."Kristin, boredom is between your ears...go use your imagination." Seriously....I would give anything to be bored for a little while. However with these 5 crazy people I call my family I don't get this little luxury!

Currently it's quiet in the Mastrangelo home....mostly because Brien is engrossed in Shrek Forever After & Hadleigh is down for her nap. I just wanted to get on here and post some of the most adorable hats I've made. More creations...Studley wants to know when I'll stop...Maybe when I'm dead hahaha!

First we have this darling number:
Hadleigh was born to model...she LOVED having her picture taken :) Whatta sweetpea! 

I absolutely love this hat! From the decorative posts around the hat to the brim right down to the beautifully stitched on flower. It's sooooo adorable & gets SO many compliments!

Now this little hat: 

Always compliments! Obviously! Haha...the shell stitching detail is so feminine! And the flower is actually quite more detailed than a regular being that it has to be sewn together! Studley says this flower is too big...mostly because he thinks its the size of Hadleigh's face...I say it's absolutely divine! :) 

Now these hats are for sale...if you want to purchase one go ahead and email me. You can find the info in my contact page. We can discuss color options and so on. I also have other patterns available. Hopefully I'll be able to get them up here soon. :)

Happy Friday Everyone!!!


Happy New Year!

Happy Happy 2011!!!

 I'm not gonna lie...I'm not one of those people who were saying..."Thank God 2010 is over" "It sucked" "Fresh new start in 2011" because frankly 2010 was amazing...so many great things happened and yes obviously there were some moments that I wished hadn't happen (doesn't everyone?) however I look at it as a growing experience...As stated in Meet the Robinsons "Keep Moving Forward"...this happens to be my motto. I never linger on a negative. Always pushing forward...onto bigger and better things. Things always get better.

 Now...I've been struggling with something for weeks now. We have laminate flooring in our basement condo. The floor is ALWAYS cold. The only time it isn't is when we have a roaring fire in our fireplace. Which I don't do during the day considering I have to leave in the afternoons. In saying this we come to my problem. I wear socks...Nathanael, Thomas, Studley & Hadleigh wear socks. It's the thing to do to keep toes warm right? Well Brien hates wearing socks in the house.
His reason..."Mom I slip!" And he does. He's slightly clumsy due to his large dome. And where as it's hilarious to watch him...when he gets going he'll slip and slide all over the floor. Falling down, running into walls. He giggles and it's amusing until he whacks his dome on something.
The result is that normally his feet are freezing. I haven't been able to find no skid socks in his size...so I said hey I'm going to make them...why not right? Super simple project...I mean he could have done it...
Like I said...super simple...super adorable. 
The tutorial is over in...oh wait you guessed it...tutorial land :)

Soon they'll be dry and soon he'll be running all over the place with warm feet...of course now he has no reason to be clumsy...I'm sure he'll find a way!