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Welcome Thursday!

 Today resumes the regular school schedule of my older children...regular naptimes of my younger children...and the regular work schedule of Studley.....THANK GOD! I was starting to miss my daytimes where I could do my chores & get my work done without having to redo everything 20 seconds later....I never realized how much calmer my house is during the day with just the younger 2 than I did with the holiday this past Monday & then the kids and hubs being out of school and work....I love quiet.........with 4 kids this is a luxury...one that I partake in every day from 12-2:30...I realized it is also one I do not like giving up without a fight hehehe...I have 5 days a week where this happens...I love it. I get so much done!

 Now...to the awesomeness...everyone loves receiving handmade/ homemade gifts...especially if they're done with love and class. Now to half (donkey) a project bothers me...some people just don't take the time to make a nice gift which then puts a damper on people enjoying a homemade gift. If you put time and effort into it...a homemade gift is better than ANYTHING you could get in a store...(except of course a good Michael Kors purse or heels...but you know what I mean)

 So when you make these coasters take your time. Make sure your measurements are right on for how you want them to look and take your time cutting the paper so your design on it is exactly what you want. Also when using modpodge you're gonna want to make sure you make the lines smooth and easy...

 What you'll need:

 Scrapbook paper (look for paper sales and stock up...I just got 6 sheets for 96 cents)
 4x4 Ceramic Tiles (I got mine from Lowe's for 16 cents a piece)
 4x4 Felt Squares or Cork (I used felt...and just modpodged it on...works fabulously...this is just to protect your tables)
 Modpodge (I used a coupon and got it super cheap)
 a spongbrush
 Clear sealant (not necessary because you can use modpodge, but I liked the extra layer)

Now....the fun.

Make sure your tiles are free of dust and debris.

Cut your paper into the pattern you want. This is tricky and actually took me the longest. Mainly because I'm a perfectionist. I also wanted a little space on the inside which is nice because it'll lay flat.

Get your spongebrush and layer on a thin layer of modpodge all over the tile. Gently place you paper square on top. Press down firmly getting out air bubbles and making sure it's completely straight and stuck!

Take the extra little that will be squished out off and put it back. Let the modpodge dry completely.

After it's completely dry.... Flip it over. Put a thick layer of modpodge on the underside of the tile. After you do this place your felt or cork and press down. Let dry.
When that's dry flip it back over and put down another layer of modpodge over the paper. This will dry clear and seal it. Once that's completely dry add an additional layer just to make sure...make certain you cover the whole paper completely. I personally ran down the sides of the tile.

I finished with a clear sealant. Valspar makes one (you can also get this at Lowe's). I used one from Michael's...I just don't remember what the name of it was.

Once this is done...and it's dried they are ready to give away!!

The beauty is you can make about 9 out of one sheet of 12x12 paper! It's amazing! Depends on your cut of the paper also...Now as you can tell I mixed my prints. I love the look of a mixed print...adds something...however you can also do 4 of one print...they also look darling!!

But now you've made a great gift...perfect for housewarmings and so on!!!

Get out of here & go start creating!!!


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  1. I'm a huge fan of these... I want to make some today! :)