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So I've been just slavin' away. I get inspired and completely get caught up in what I'm doing. Making hats has been making me super happy. Coming out with these new patterns & filling orders requires a little juggling, but Studley has been enjoying keeping me on my toes and doing what I'm supposed to :)....I'll be coming out with a few more patterns today & tomorrow so hopefully I'll be able to get those posted ASAP!

After yesterday's feat of cleaning the kids room (they were reorganized...yes they hated it! haha) Everything was labeled and placed in their specific boxes and put away. I hate clutter. In fact I abhor it. Brien's bed is taller than normal twin sized beds. It's actually the perfect height and it's "daddy's" childhood bed so I love it. The reason it's the perfect height is mostly because the boys' toy tubs *sterilite is my best friend* get labeled & then they slide right under the bed! This obviously made my day when I realized this awhile back, plus it gives the boys extra room "for activities :)" ha. So once I got done with this I realized...hey while I'm at it let's do a once over the house...when this bug  bites me I have to finish otherwise I get frustrated. Needless to say it didn't take me long...but still I feel much better! Now today I can relax knowing my days list of chores for today are done. I can sit and play around on here!

 So onto fun things. Later I'm gonna post up a glorious tutorial for these fun coasters I posted a few days ago....then maybe we'll tackle a post on getting organized...that's not as much fun haha

 Now let's show off Love, Hadleigh's newest hat designs....

Now obviously...aside from the little boy bear hat these other hats are done for girls mostly because these model hats will be worn by Hadleigh. She's actually wearing the sweet little bear hat today...(matches her little bear outfit) However these hats come in a variety of colors & combos. The little green hat (The Zoie) doesn't have to have the band or a button...it can be done in blues or red...or any boy color and you would have the sweetest little boy hat. 
I'm going to be working on some other boy hats here as soon as I can. I've got a Dinosaur hat & a bomber...also some others I'm working on...like a newsboy. Super cute. Love these! These hats are great and definitely well made! 

Check out my facebook page & put in your order!
Love, Hadleigh

Come back later for a new tutorial...and just because we have so much fun around here :)


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