Just Your Average Friday

Ha! No Friday is ever average around here! It means the running around of the week is over....let the crazy weekend begin! This one even more considering it's Nathanael's 9th birthday! Oh lord have mercy...is that a grey hair? My life never seems to just sit still. For all of you peopl;e out there complaining that you're bored....oh please oh please give me some boredom. My dad always said..."Kristin, boredom is between your ears...go use your imagination." Seriously....I would give anything to be bored for a little while. However with these 5 crazy people I call my family I don't get this little luxury!

Currently it's quiet in the Mastrangelo home....mostly because Brien is engrossed in Shrek Forever After & Hadleigh is down for her nap. I just wanted to get on here and post some of the most adorable hats I've made. More creations...Studley wants to know when I'll stop...Maybe when I'm dead hahaha!

First we have this darling number:
Hadleigh was born to model...she LOVED having her picture taken :) Whatta sweetpea! 

I absolutely love this hat! From the decorative posts around the hat to the brim right down to the beautifully stitched on flower. It's sooooo adorable & gets SO many compliments!

Now this little hat: 

Always compliments! Obviously! Haha...the shell stitching detail is so feminine! And the flower is actually quite more detailed than a regular being that it has to be sewn together! Studley says this flower is too big...mostly because he thinks its the size of Hadleigh's face...I say it's absolutely divine! :) 

Now these hats are for sale...if you want to purchase one go ahead and email me. You can find the info in my contact page. We can discuss color options and so on. I also have other patterns available. Hopefully I'll be able to get them up here soon. :)

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

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