About Me

Oh where to start, where to start....

 I suppose the most interesting way to start is at the end and then have flashbacks to the beginning...bahahahahaha ok that was in a movie I just watched...I laughed hard then too :).

 I'm Kristin. I love my name. I had an identity crisis when I was 6....I hated my name because back in 1989/1990 Kristin wasn't a very popular name and I was actually made fun of. Believe it or not kids are cruel! So I decided that my middle name was way better, much to the surprise to my mom, I went by Elizabeth. That didn't last long. Now that I'm 26 and can write in cursive :) I absolutely adore my name. The fact that it's french is even cooler. Plus my nickname my mom called me is awesome...I loved being referred to as Krissy Lizzie. Why, I don't know...but I love it.

 I've got 4 beautiful children...Nathanael (9) Thomas (7) Brien (3.5) and Hadleigh (5 months)....best thing I've done with my life. They're brilliant little monkeys! I was for a while under the impression that I didn't want a girl...Ironically I was just telling myself that because up until that point I didn't have a girl.....GIRLS ARE AWESOME!!! My boys love me...like I mean love me. Definitely 3 mommy's boys...LOVE IT! Hadleigh is definitely a daddy's girl, but she loves mommy...there are just sometimes when only mommy will do.

 My husband, Jason (lovingly referred to as Studley) is amazing. We've been together for 8 years. I couldn't love one person anymore than I love him. He's perfect. Super sexy, totally loving, definitely gets my brand of crazy...the only person I could ever stand for more than 3 months. He's just IT! I got to marry my best friend and it doesn't get better than that! It still amuses me that he can wake up in the morning and look at me while my hair is looking  like I made it through a hurricane and say babe I love you. ha! I win! He also supports all my crazy insane ideas and totally supports my artistry...you can be jealous... My friend asked me one time if he had a brother...I chuckled. Yeah he's that cool.

 I have millions of ideas floating around in my head at any given time. I can jump from one subject to another to another and then back to the first one. My dad says that I'm gifted...Studley says I'm crazy...I say I'm extremely organized. It's the only thing I can figure. Needless to say...I can be kinda overwhelming for new people :) I've been told intimidating. I know I'm a strong woman. Whatever...I'm fun, albeit a perfectionist with OCD. It's a curse. Studley & my kids think it's amusing.

 If you've made it this far I commend you. I just gave you oodles of info. Now, here in my blog I'm hoping I can do things that will inspire you. Or really just amuse you. I've been told I should write a book...it'd be a comedy. There will be tutorials in here and just vent days and things that I'm thinking. I'm hoping to be able to keep up with it regularly. Definitely you should know again...I have 4 kids, a hubby & a life so with that being said...as regularly as humanly possible!

 I hope you enjoy! If you do, follow me :)! It's greatly appreciated! Much love...