Official Brilliant Giveaway

I told you...I know...I've been rather unreliable with this blog, but as you've noticed...I've been working on it!

Ok..so since you all are reading, but haven't been showin' the love and following on here...here is some incentive. PLEASE READ ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM!

I'm giving away a hat or headband (whichever you want). That's right. Any 1 hat, any style, any size (or headband...also if you're getting a headband...by all means you can get 2) So 2 headbands or 1 hat...any style, any size and any color....told you I was crazy!

So here's the deal (that's right...here's what you've got to do!)

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OK. Now that the rules are done. Here's the fun stuff.

*This contest goes until May 18, 2011 at 11:59pm EST. Entries will be taken up until this time!
*If there isn't a comment with each corresponding entry it will be considered invalid.
*After the time I will tally the entries and put it through the randomizer if there is a tie.
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*Winner will pay $6 shipping and handling via paypal.
*Again PLEASE make sure you place a separate comment for EACH entry you do including your email in EACH comment. This is so I can give you each available entry as well as keep them organized and get in touch with you if you've won.

This giveaway is open to US residents only.

This giveaway was sponsored by myself. I receive no compensation for this post. 

I can't WAIT to get this blasted off!! :) PLEASE definitely let's get this viral! :) 


Underestimated Craziness meets Brilliant Giveaway

Today was a long, lovely, beautifully tiring day! Last night Nathanael had the privileged of spending the night at a fun lock-in type thing at school for being on the honor roll again. I had to be to pick him up this morning at 8am. I knew we had all sorts of craziness going on today...so I got up and got ready for the day at 6am...after staying up to watch the Redwings game last night until 1:15am. 

I got to get Nathanael and realized I left my ID on my piano in my bedroom, so thankfully they let me take him with my BJ's card and my bank card...I got home, helped Studley get the kiddos ready (fed and out the door) and I was super excited we were on point...dropped Nathanael off at his field and headed over to watch Brien's game. 4 year olds playing soccer...COMPLETELY hilarious! Definitely if you're having a bad day Saturday mornings at 10am...great mood booster. 
His games over...we piled into the car and headed to Nathanael's game. Get there and realize that Brien's game as gone over by 30 minutes and we missed almost all of Nathanael's game (he didn't care, but it broke my heart) ((he tells me he doesn't care he has a game tomorrow as well...but as a mom come on...)) then we speed on over to McDonald's (nutritious right?) for a quick lunch because I did completely run out of time to pack up lunch for the kids today and head over to Tommy's game...the kids did amazingly well for the amount of time they were outside and boom...the meltdown began...Brien definitely doesn't miss naps for a reason. He is stubborn. He gets it honestly, but still. We made it home and the boys all loved their little nap they took...so did I! Hadleigh was a gem all day napless...poor girl passed out hard at 3pm...I was pretty sure she was dead it was such a deep sleep...now my kids look like little zombies and I believe there won't be any arguing about bedtime this evening. Yes!!!

Nevertheless...it was a beautiful day filled with family and fun and SUN! And while driving in the car, talking to Studley I realized it was time for a new giveaway. This one...way easier than the last! 

So check out our next blog post for rules and basically find out what in the world I'm giving away!

Btw...thank you all for reading...you guys are super awesome.


New Blog Alert! New Moms 411!

Stumbled upon this blog and wanted to share it with you all!! They're having a giveaway right now so get in and get your entries in!! Check it out here....

New Mom's 411: Giveaway!

Definitely check it out! She's up and new!


Books searching for Beautifully Made Shelves (that don't break the bank)

Ok...having 3 boys means I have accumulated tons of books. Since moving we've lost their "bookshelf" space and have been stowing their books on a shelf under their tv...however they're not being WELL maintained like I like...you know boys. Anyway so I've been searching for cute shelves....here's the deal with that.

Shelves are ridiculously expensive. Why I don't know. Personally I think it's frustrating how much places charge for decorations. I mean I get mark up. But what I don't get is the need to rape people that are just trying to make their houses homes or even just functional. Hence there is now the blog world. The blog world is full of people sick and tired of over paying for something that we can do ourselves.

So. Here I present a brilliant lady named Trisha over at "The Sweet Survival". I ran across her blog on Blue Cricket Designs...the one blog I read this month lol. Thank Heavens I did!!! Because I found this beautiful little post. And my next project is born (actually I'm sure Studley will do most of the building and such) (yeah I'll be painting it! He's such a man!) So hang tight...and enjoy this little beauty from such a talented lady!

So go over, check her out...I definitely will be making a few of these as soon as we get a break...hahaha right. Like that's gonna happen!!!

Enjoy your Tuesday...it's the only one this week!!



Happy Easter!!!!!

Happy Easter everyone!!!!

I just wanted to get on here and wish everyone a lovely visit from the Easter bunny and a safe and happy holiday with your families and friends!!

I'll be back soon with a lovely new post about something I'm sure =) until then....



Curtains...curtains...and curtains!

Good Morning Everyone!

 Good news...I haven't been swallowed by yarn yet...also my kids have decided to let me live...aside from the minor cuts and bruises of life...the kids are all right, I'm another year older...and I just celebrated yet another completely...well to be honest there really isn't a word...I mean I wanted to say fabulous...amazing...phenomenal..outstanding...they just didn't seem to sum up...what I would call a mind-blowing, spectacular, stupendous anniversary to my completely super sexy and absolutely amazing hubby! Still even with all those words...not one expresses, captures exactly what I would say our marriage is...nevertheless...it came and went and now we're onto the next!! I can't wait! And here I am...with another project of mine! Just for you...

 So we have a wall. A wall that squeezes a fireplace & a sliding glass door. I hate this wall. Not because it's not big enough, but because there is so much in the space I feel like there needs to be some tranquility in the corner. So I said...here's what we're going to do. I'm going to put up a curtain...especially now that spring and summer are coming and we have officially put away the firewood and retired it until Winter 2011/2012. Of course...I can't buy curtains. First off it is way too easy to make them...why would I buy? Second they're so expensive to buy! For the price of all my fabric I could have purchased the same fabric panel...that's right one panel. Ridiculous right? Well you're paying for time and mark up obviously...so what am I gonna do...find some extra time (hahahahaha) to make them myself. I got a fabulous deal on fabric (Studley chose it actually) (and yes it's plain white and will have a grey band on the bottom)...and now I get to find the time to do something with this fabulous fabric. Basically what's gonna happen is there will be 4 panels made and hung. I'm going to do a special little bit at the top. Essentially so they can be hung one of 2 ways. I really wanted to do a grommet top, but I don't have the tools and they're expensive and I couldn't find the grommets in the colors I wanted. So the options are a large pole pocket so it doesn't bunch and look old ladyish or these beautiful little clips that you can purchase at basically anywhere but I love love love the one's I found at Pottery Barn (I hate this store...every time I walk in there I could spend over $80k)
I love the simplicity of these. However for now we are going to be using the pole pocket because frankly it's the cheaper of the 2 options considering how big our wall is and how many of these little beauties I'd have to buy. (Speaking of which...I'll probably buy the exact duplicates to these that you can get at Target) 

Making curtains can be as easy as sewing a few edges on a panel. I'm making them with a nice sun lining so I don't have to deal with a lot of seep through as well as a non see through panel for at night.

So for in the next few weeks. Keep a look out. I plan on posting up some pictures while I make them as soon as I can get around to it. I know I've been super busy getting ready to do the craft show in May and filling all these lovely orders I've been getting! :)

In other news...I'm super super excited to be able to start doing my blog posts straight from a fabulous app on my iPad. I'm so excited. This little machine has helped Love, Hadleigh go green with reducing the need to have a pattern notebook as well as all of my files are neatly kept on there!!! :) I love it to pieces. I love Studley to pieces. Best hubs in the whole wide world. Sigh. Don't you love it when you stop and look at your life, no matter how many hardships you deal with, and realize that life is beautiful. I do!



Spring Break Fun

Good morning!!!

 To start the day I must say I have complete mixed feelings on whether or not I'm thrilled with the idea of Spring Break. I love having my kids home, but like today it's a bit chilly because of the cloud cover and decided to rain a bit so I've got a bunch of testosterone sitting at my dining room table playing cars...selling cars...fighting over why certain cars aren't for sale and why one won't accept a trillion dollar offer deal from another......boys are so much fun. hehehe

 Well we've been planning spring break for a while...most people travel. This is nice, but expensive and to be honest...I haven't really wanted to travel during spring break because the crazies come out. So we have a minimal approach this break for the kids. Local parks and play grounds (which completely satiate my kids) and then we have chores and projects around the house...such as going through sizes of clothes and toys to sell at our community yard sale. To our big adventure for the week that is a special treat to the kids for bringing up grades and basically because they are 4 awesome little people...we're going to King's Dominion.

 Now a lot goes into planning a day with 4 kids at King's Dominion. I've compiled a small list of things that are smart to bring with you...just in the event of a small disaster.

1. Sunscreen. I put it on the kids before we leave and reapply during the day. The sun is no joke. As much as I love a tan...skin cancer and sun damage is unattractive and unsafe!

2. LOTS of wipes and diapers. Traveling with a baby all day...yup think ahead.

3. Water bottles. I stash them in my diaper bag because too much tea, lemonade and soda...not a good mix. Hydration is key to a fun day!

4. A change of clothes for Hadleigh & Brien and 2 or 3 plastic bags (I just reuse Wegman's bags). Brien is potty trained but come on King's Dominion is exciting and the bathrooms are spread out...accidents happen.

5. Snacks. Carrots, trail mix, cheese its are all great ideas for protein, vitamins and delicious little treats while you're trudging a long.

6. A cooler full of lunch. I hate paying TONS of money for food at amusement parks. So you can go out and come back in why not pack a lunch! Sandwiches, chips & capri suns make great pack lunches for the kids!

7. A camera...come on...why wouldn't you bring a camera ;)

8. I bring TONS of juice and milk and water in containers to fill up Hadleigh's sippy cup and bottle. Keeping your baby happy is key to a fun day!

9. Stroller & blankets. Now it sounds dumb bringing big blankets. But listen Hadleigh needs a nap. She won't nap with the sun blaring in her face...I cover the stroller with the blanket and lay her on back.

10. PATIENCE. C'mon...it's a theme park...you're kids are gonna be hyper solely because you're there. Relax. Have a great day. Take lots of pictures!

I think every spring break deserves a little fun....so plan a day and go have it!!! Studley is lucky to have Thursday and Friday off...so we'll be off on Thursday! :)


Beautifully Hand Made

I am in love love love with all things handmade. I love the idea of Etsy getting everyone's creativity into the light of day for other people to snatch up and enjoy.

The idea of being to create something from scratch with your own hands is so satisfying. What I love even more than that is seeing my work on so many people...across the country even. Totally makes my day. It's funny to think that something can be started out of something as selfish as...having a little girl to spoil rotten. Sigh. I like making the world a prettier place with my little hats. In such a dark time...bahahahaha ok back to reality right....

Go on over to Facebook and check out the pictures posted of all the hats up. The hats in the coming soon album are available so just ask. Once I get some mock ups done they'll have their own album. But life is hectic.

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Peace and love Everyone!