Underestimated Craziness meets Brilliant Giveaway

Today was a long, lovely, beautifully tiring day! Last night Nathanael had the privileged of spending the night at a fun lock-in type thing at school for being on the honor roll again. I had to be to pick him up this morning at 8am. I knew we had all sorts of craziness going on today...so I got up and got ready for the day at 6am...after staying up to watch the Redwings game last night until 1:15am. 

I got to get Nathanael and realized I left my ID on my piano in my bedroom, so thankfully they let me take him with my BJ's card and my bank card...I got home, helped Studley get the kiddos ready (fed and out the door) and I was super excited we were on point...dropped Nathanael off at his field and headed over to watch Brien's game. 4 year olds playing soccer...COMPLETELY hilarious! Definitely if you're having a bad day Saturday mornings at 10am...great mood booster. 
His games over...we piled into the car and headed to Nathanael's game. Get there and realize that Brien's game as gone over by 30 minutes and we missed almost all of Nathanael's game (he didn't care, but it broke my heart) ((he tells me he doesn't care he has a game tomorrow as well...but as a mom come on...)) then we speed on over to McDonald's (nutritious right?) for a quick lunch because I did completely run out of time to pack up lunch for the kids today and head over to Tommy's game...the kids did amazingly well for the amount of time they were outside and boom...the meltdown began...Brien definitely doesn't miss naps for a reason. He is stubborn. He gets it honestly, but still. We made it home and the boys all loved their little nap they took...so did I! Hadleigh was a gem all day napless...poor girl passed out hard at 3pm...I was pretty sure she was dead it was such a deep sleep...now my kids look like little zombies and I believe there won't be any arguing about bedtime this evening. Yes!!!

Nevertheless...it was a beautiful day filled with family and fun and SUN! And while driving in the car, talking to Studley I realized it was time for a new giveaway. This one...way easier than the last! 

So check out our next blog post for rules and basically find out what in the world I'm giving away!

Btw...thank you all for reading...you guys are super awesome.


  1. love your blog. and LOVE awesome family days!

    i was just clicking around and found it.

    I'm your newest follower via GFC, Twitter and FB.
    I tweeted and FB'd about your giveaway... but figured i'd let someone else have the prize. ;)

    -kristanlynn @ adelynSTONE


  2. Awww thank you so much!!! I'm glad you love it...hopefully as much as I do! :) And thanks for gettin' the word out there! It is greatly appreciated!!