Spring Break Fun

Good morning!!!

 To start the day I must say I have complete mixed feelings on whether or not I'm thrilled with the idea of Spring Break. I love having my kids home, but like today it's a bit chilly because of the cloud cover and decided to rain a bit so I've got a bunch of testosterone sitting at my dining room table playing cars...selling cars...fighting over why certain cars aren't for sale and why one won't accept a trillion dollar offer deal from another......boys are so much fun. hehehe

 Well we've been planning spring break for a while...most people travel. This is nice, but expensive and to be honest...I haven't really wanted to travel during spring break because the crazies come out. So we have a minimal approach this break for the kids. Local parks and play grounds (which completely satiate my kids) and then we have chores and projects around the house...such as going through sizes of clothes and toys to sell at our community yard sale. To our big adventure for the week that is a special treat to the kids for bringing up grades and basically because they are 4 awesome little people...we're going to King's Dominion.

 Now a lot goes into planning a day with 4 kids at King's Dominion. I've compiled a small list of things that are smart to bring with you...just in the event of a small disaster.

1. Sunscreen. I put it on the kids before we leave and reapply during the day. The sun is no joke. As much as I love a tan...skin cancer and sun damage is unattractive and unsafe!

2. LOTS of wipes and diapers. Traveling with a baby all day...yup think ahead.

3. Water bottles. I stash them in my diaper bag because too much tea, lemonade and soda...not a good mix. Hydration is key to a fun day!

4. A change of clothes for Hadleigh & Brien and 2 or 3 plastic bags (I just reuse Wegman's bags). Brien is potty trained but come on King's Dominion is exciting and the bathrooms are spread out...accidents happen.

5. Snacks. Carrots, trail mix, cheese its are all great ideas for protein, vitamins and delicious little treats while you're trudging a long.

6. A cooler full of lunch. I hate paying TONS of money for food at amusement parks. So you can go out and come back in why not pack a lunch! Sandwiches, chips & capri suns make great pack lunches for the kids!

7. A camera...come on...why wouldn't you bring a camera ;)

8. I bring TONS of juice and milk and water in containers to fill up Hadleigh's sippy cup and bottle. Keeping your baby happy is key to a fun day!

9. Stroller & blankets. Now it sounds dumb bringing big blankets. But listen Hadleigh needs a nap. She won't nap with the sun blaring in her face...I cover the stroller with the blanket and lay her on back.

10. PATIENCE. C'mon...it's a theme park...you're kids are gonna be hyper solely because you're there. Relax. Have a great day. Take lots of pictures!

I think every spring break deserves a little fun....so plan a day and go have it!!! Studley is lucky to have Thursday and Friday off...so we'll be off on Thursday! :)

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