Curtains...curtains...and curtains!

Good Morning Everyone!

 Good news...I haven't been swallowed by yarn yet...also my kids have decided to let me live...aside from the minor cuts and bruises of life...the kids are all right, I'm another year older...and I just celebrated yet another completely...well to be honest there really isn't a word...I mean I wanted to say fabulous...amazing...phenomenal..outstanding...they just didn't seem to sum up...what I would call a mind-blowing, spectacular, stupendous anniversary to my completely super sexy and absolutely amazing hubby! Still even with all those words...not one expresses, captures exactly what I would say our marriage is...nevertheless...it came and went and now we're onto the next!! I can't wait! And here I am...with another project of mine! Just for you...

 So we have a wall. A wall that squeezes a fireplace & a sliding glass door. I hate this wall. Not because it's not big enough, but because there is so much in the space I feel like there needs to be some tranquility in the corner. So I said...here's what we're going to do. I'm going to put up a curtain...especially now that spring and summer are coming and we have officially put away the firewood and retired it until Winter 2011/2012. Of course...I can't buy curtains. First off it is way too easy to make them...why would I buy? Second they're so expensive to buy! For the price of all my fabric I could have purchased the same fabric panel...that's right one panel. Ridiculous right? Well you're paying for time and mark up obviously...so what am I gonna do...find some extra time (hahahahaha) to make them myself. I got a fabulous deal on fabric (Studley chose it actually) (and yes it's plain white and will have a grey band on the bottom)...and now I get to find the time to do something with this fabulous fabric. Basically what's gonna happen is there will be 4 panels made and hung. I'm going to do a special little bit at the top. Essentially so they can be hung one of 2 ways. I really wanted to do a grommet top, but I don't have the tools and they're expensive and I couldn't find the grommets in the colors I wanted. So the options are a large pole pocket so it doesn't bunch and look old ladyish or these beautiful little clips that you can purchase at basically anywhere but I love love love the one's I found at Pottery Barn (I hate this store...every time I walk in there I could spend over $80k)
I love the simplicity of these. However for now we are going to be using the pole pocket because frankly it's the cheaper of the 2 options considering how big our wall is and how many of these little beauties I'd have to buy. (Speaking of which...I'll probably buy the exact duplicates to these that you can get at Target) 

Making curtains can be as easy as sewing a few edges on a panel. I'm making them with a nice sun lining so I don't have to deal with a lot of seep through as well as a non see through panel for at night.

So for in the next few weeks. Keep a look out. I plan on posting up some pictures while I make them as soon as I can get around to it. I know I've been super busy getting ready to do the craft show in May and filling all these lovely orders I've been getting! :)

In other news...I'm super super excited to be able to start doing my blog posts straight from a fabulous app on my iPad. I'm so excited. This little machine has helped Love, Hadleigh go green with reducing the need to have a pattern notebook as well as all of my files are neatly kept on there!!! :) I love it to pieces. I love Studley to pieces. Best hubs in the whole wide world. Sigh. Don't you love it when you stop and look at your life, no matter how many hardships you deal with, and realize that life is beautiful. I do!


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