Beautifully Hand Made

I am in love love love with all things handmade. I love the idea of Etsy getting everyone's creativity into the light of day for other people to snatch up and enjoy.

The idea of being to create something from scratch with your own hands is so satisfying. What I love even more than that is seeing my work on so many people...across the country even. Totally makes my day. It's funny to think that something can be started out of something as selfish as...having a little girl to spoil rotten. Sigh. I like making the world a prettier place with my little hats. In such a dark time...bahahahaha ok back to reality right....

Go on over to Facebook and check out the pictures posted of all the hats up. The hats in the coming soon album are available so just ask. Once I get some mock ups done they'll have their own album. But life is hectic.

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I think I'm going to start a shopping section on facebook as soon as I can figure out how......but that's still up in the air. I like the idea! :)

Peace and love Everyone!

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