Books searching for Beautifully Made Shelves (that don't break the bank)

Ok...having 3 boys means I have accumulated tons of books. Since moving we've lost their "bookshelf" space and have been stowing their books on a shelf under their tv...however they're not being WELL maintained like I like...you know boys. Anyway so I've been searching for cute shelves....here's the deal with that.

Shelves are ridiculously expensive. Why I don't know. Personally I think it's frustrating how much places charge for decorations. I mean I get mark up. But what I don't get is the need to rape people that are just trying to make their houses homes or even just functional. Hence there is now the blog world. The blog world is full of people sick and tired of over paying for something that we can do ourselves.

So. Here I present a brilliant lady named Trisha over at "The Sweet Survival". I ran across her blog on Blue Cricket Designs...the one blog I read this month lol. Thank Heavens I did!!! Because I found this beautiful little post. And my next project is born (actually I'm sure Studley will do most of the building and such) (yeah I'll be painting it! He's such a man!) So hang tight...and enjoy this little beauty from such a talented lady!

So go over, check her out...I definitely will be making a few of these as soon as we get a break...hahaha right. Like that's gonna happen!!!

Enjoy your Tuesday...it's the only one this week!!


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