RHoPWC Interview

Ok so the ladies down are RHoPWC (for those of you not in PWC....that stands for the Real Housewives of Prince William County) decided that little ol' me was worthy of interviewing...Studley thought it was rather amusing that I loved doing it (he said *and I quote* "You just looooove talking about yourself, don't you?) This made me chuckle because...yes as a matter of fact I apparently did! :) I had so much fun doing this with them!

Real Housewives of Prince William County Blog

So check them out! They're awesome women!! Now this evening I'll be putting together some cute little crafts I think...and getting a tutorial up....If I can tear myself away from crocheting :):)

Have a happy Wednesday!!

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  1. yay! you are so cute, we loved having you as our first interview