Oh Sunday!

Yesterday was a glorious, if not super hectic, day at Chuck E Cheese. Heavens to betsy...let me tell you...I absolutely hate that place. My kiddos better love me forever. I'm just saying that place is complete chaos!

Nathanael had a great time! Came back to the house for cake and awesomeness....our house was packed with family! I loved it!

Now that everything is back to normal I've got 3 projects to accomplish today...hats. Yes that's right! Super excited to make some beautiful hats for my friends. Making the world a cuter place one adorable little hat at a time!

Then hopefully I'll have some time to etch Studley's pilsner glasses with his favorite sports teams...so he can drink in style!

I absolutely love Sundays. They're so relaxing. Now it's time to be off...ready to create some cuteness! Maybe I'll be able to squeeze in even MORE crafts today...but again it's Sunday...tomorrow's Monday & DEFINITELY another day!!!

As for now...have a glorious day...

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