Creepin' on some blogs...

I love that word...

It amuses me the many ways you can use it...
Eww. That guy was a totally creeper.

I was totally creepin' on you.

The Creep by The Lonely Island

It amuses me.
Here I sit with a HUGE grin on my face at saying it.

Well I was doing a creep on some blogs. Mostly just scanning since I really don't have the time right now to be playing on here. I have about 1983293472 orders to fill. I know I'm not complaining.

But I found this fabulous tutorial which I will be making a run to Target and Joann's to do this week.

Mostly because I HATE my lampshades with a passion currently. I think they're lame. And they're brown. Which is weird because my house is greys, blues, whites, and a red kitchen (soon to be blue).
But my lamp shapes are really just a hodge podge since they were meant for a different reason. I just acquired them and put them in my living room because I needed the light.

So I'm going to make this, but with a bleached burlap. Because you all  know I love me some burlap.

So what do you think? Are you as much in love with this lamp as me? Because I am freakin' dying to make it right now!

If you want the tutorial for the no sew ruffled lamp shade go here....

or the original ruffled lampshade that does require you to sew or use a machine....

I adore both of these blogs. They're absolutely love.

So check them out and keep a lookout for when I finally get around to doing my lampshades...I think I'll see if I can get out to Joann's tomorrow...especially since burlap is currently on sale! :):)

Much love readers...go check out my fan page! We're round the bend close to 600! You all are absolutely amazing! I love you all!


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