Hello my lovelies...I know I'm a terrible person for leaving you all out in the cold....sigh...alas my life has been so hectic. However...I'm here now!

So on that note...check back tomorrow for tomorrow's post featuring a great guy and an amazing artist! We'll be having a Q&A with him and you won't wanna miss it....(especially after you see pictures of my new diaper bag/ overnighter) That'll be tomorrow am!

For now. You MUST go check out Trendy and Posh. She's having a big blog giveaway and I just got in on it and I believe you must too! You won't regret it. Plus you should go visit her on Facebook at Trendy and Posh!

So GO HERE---->  Trendy & Posh's Fans Giveaway and enter!!!! You won't regret it!

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