Sneak Peak

I know...you've got to be as excited as me to sample what Jackie has to offer...I'm going to sneak peak some of her current stuff that she's sent me so far...I've got two for you today...I promise I'll get some more up as SOON as I can! :) I PROMISE!

SO...check these babies out!

A lovely little note pad...I am in love with these! When Jackie first showed this to me I fell in love! :)

I love this card. This was actually a card that I just used at a baby shower for my lovely next door neighbor, except it was pink! :) It is beyond cute!!
This card...well come on...it has owls. I LOVE LOVE LOVE owls right now. They're just so dang adorable! I don't know...plus it says party hearty...too cute in my opinion! :)

And believe me. This is just the beginning...not even a CHIP off of Jackie's perpetual iceberg!

I think you guys will be thoroughly amazed at her work. The quality and craftiness in all that she does! 

I hope you all had an absolutely LOVELY Memorial Day weekend and I hope you all have visited Love, Hadleigh Designs fan page and taken advantage of the sale going on today only for new orders!

I will be back in just a little while I'm sure. I've got a tutorial to post. And I think I'm trying to decide if I want to take you on a tour of my house...what do you say?

Love you all!


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