Oh heavens...it's been a little bit since I've been on here. Between teething and some allergy type colds the boys had I didn't have any extra time to be here! SO...I'm back...and I bring a peace offering...

NEWS. Who doesn't love news...good news! :) Great news...possibly the greatest news! :)
Jackie in her "crafting room" 
Love, Hadleigh Designs...well, I'm expanding. I will become "WE"!!! My fabulous sister in law is joining the ranks of Love, Hadleigh and I couldn't be MORE excited!
We are bringing you, our lovely readers and the rest of the world, Jackie's gorgeous line of custom and handmade greeting cards...they're beautiful. (I love every single on of them...in fact as it were I always am getting my greeting cards from her...baby shower, "Hey Jackie, do you have a cute girl baby shower card already made?" hahahaha she always gets that call. Yes I can make them....yes she makes them better...and to be quite honest...she has WAY better ideas when it comes to all that goodness!! :)
Her line is not even limited to just greeting cards. We will be featuring her crafts that she sells and all that lovely goodness that is bottled up in her mind! 

Please don't forget to welcome her!!! I am so excited to be able to bring all of her amazing stuff to you all! :)

SO be on the look out on "our" facebook pages for new merchandise straight from her!

On another exciting note. I'll be featuring a tutorial here in a day or so...I'm super excited about it....


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