11 days until Christmas!

This year has just flown by...I don't think I'd have made it through this year without my seatbelt...but in looking back it has been the greatest year ever! I've been completely and utterly blessed. Life is beautiful!!

 As far as crafts have been going...I think I've been in the middle of 9382479237592384 different projects. My sister in law's gift have taken front runner though since they've gotta be shipped to Hawaii...yes I'm running behind, but they are being shipped on Wednesday morning at the latest. My Christmas cards are going out then as well...I'm so excited...

Tomorrow I'll be starting Hadleigh's crib bumper...she's starting to scoot herself around in bed so I figure it's time. I thought if I made one it'd be way cuter than buying one...so here's to being adventurous. I'm also making a blanket which I'm TOTALLY psyched about. I'm going to put up pictures as I go and if all goes as planned a tutorial.

 I feel miserably about not having any up so far. Even though it's not an excuse I've been ridiculously busy. Go figure having 4 kids and a hubby...and trying to squeeze out a life ha!


  1. sooo darling! love how you are so crafty esp. now with a new baby girl and pink can shine! maybe you can do some guest blogs for us since you are a wifey in pwc :) keep it up girl!

    bethany brower

  2. Oh I'd absolutely love to!! I'm actually blushing!! haha Thanks girl!! :)