Sweet, Cuddly and My Newest Inspiration

I always said...boys are great...being a tomboy growing up I knew how to "do" boys...I said I don't need a girl (even though secretly thinking a girl would be fabulous) My boys...Nathanael, Thomas & Brien are fantastic..all of them are brilliant and creative and I'm pretty sure are going to be engineers with as much time as they spend playing Legos. However, back in August I was blessed with 7lbs 10oz of pure pink fabulousness...Hadleigh was born and I didn't think that I would go crazy, but my husband has watched me knit, crochet, cut, glue, staple & sew just about everything I can think of as long as it has to do with my sweet baby girl! She has been such an inspiration as to things I can make for her.

It started with her baby shower, my sister in law helped in big ways (she's an avid stamper) and we created these beautiful invitations for the shower & then the favor boxes were made...
I then became hooked...I made matching Thank You cards and just started puttin' together some great cards. It's been wonderful finally having an excuse to play with pink & fabric.

When each of the boys was born I crocheted them a blanket...all of them are shades of blue and dark greens...rather funny when you look back. Now everything they like is black, greys, blues and orange and generally everything has some sort of skull on it. I find that the things you can make for a boy, especially an 8 and 7 year old very limited. They love their blankets, but past that they don't care if mom made them a cute hat because it's not cute. It's gotta be cool and awesome and somehow look like something Daddy would wear.
But then I have my sweet Hadleigh...dresses and leggings and tutus...oh the possibilities. First thing I did while I was pregnant was make these darling little hats. I've started selling them because everyone just thought they were the greatest thing! Needless to say...Hadleigh has a million of them. Dark pink, baby pink, cream and white...she has one for every outfit!

Then it happened. I started running out of yarn...I had all these remnents left but nothing I could do anything else with...then it happened. It dawned on me. Hadleigh needed booties! Of course they had to be Mary Janes. How could she live without matching Mary Janes? So I took a scrap piece...literally it's a TINY ball of yarn...and made possibly the cutest little booties.
What's great about both the hats and the booties are they're sooooo universal. They can have bows, flowers, buttons. I have one that has a button in the center of the flower...I mean the possibilities are endless! The scrap pieces were also used for headbands. I have become completely wrapped up with headbands!!! So I decided to make a customizable headband for her out of the remnants of yarn also...and I ended up with this.
You can put in ribbons, bows and flowers. Just so many different options. And with that it just opened the door into so many different ideas for her. Currently I'm facinated with ruffles and flowers. I'm using new fabrics and different ideas I've got for her. She's just such an ispiration for all things girly and it seems there is no end to which my ideas are flowing...my poor husband. I am super lucky to say he's so supportive...even with all the crazy.

Currently I'm toying with the idea of putting up a tutorial for some of this stuff...so we'll see how that goes! Now it's off to play...

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