I'm Back!!!

So apparently this past week proved harder to get through than I thought. With Studley and the kids home for a few days and then all the kids home and Studley pushing snow all day...well yeah you guessed it..I've been super busy. Pile that on top of...oh about a million orders...and it makes for a busy day FAR away from a computer! :) However I'm not complaining...just explaining!

Now...I just wanted to let you all know I wasn't dead! I'm gonna be doing a craft project this evening...SO...oh yes I'll be posting it..and actually in a few days as soon as I can get it together I have a glorious little tutorial that you all are going to love, because yes this idea has me bubbling inside! I'm so excited!

Yesterday was amazing though...aside from finishing like 3 orders...I went to Ikea and FINALLY bought the new couch covers I've been drooling over for what seems like forever!!! As soon as the wrinkles fall out I'll definitely post some pictures! I'm almost ready for our housewarming party!!! I never thought that silly little couch covers would make me so excited...apparently I'm a pretty simple girl!

I've decided once I get a handle on my orders to add a few new hats to the line up! And some cute little accessories...the accessories I'm super excited about! A sweetheart name Jillian Krause gave me some super adorable ideas and told me that I definitely need to get into it because they're all the rage right now with her daughter...so as soon as I make them up you all will be the first to know!! :) Beyond excited that's all I've gotta say!

So plan on coming back later for a cute little project! And check out the products page because as soon as I'm done here I'm gonna go put up the Hats that I have out currently! If you'd like to place an order...visit my contact page or go here: Love, Hadleigh Designs or here Friends of Love, Hadleigh Designs

I'm glad to be back! Talk to you all soon! :)


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