Spring Cleaning * Part III

Welcome back for Part III of spring cleaning!

You've got your list, you've got your supplies and you've been a cleanin' queen! Now you've reached bedrooms. I like to break it down to decide whether or not I've got enough time in one day to get the bedrooms done same day...and you MUST remember I have 2 bedrooms, they're huge, but still only 2. If you plan on tackling more than 2 bedrooms...make sure you've got it broken up into a timespan that doesn't overwork you so you're stressed or burnt out. You'll never want to finish if you get burnt out. After so much cleaning and organizing....you'll over do it and then you'll slack off and either not finish or you won't come back to it until you've got a ton to do again. However that's another post for Maintenance...

Back to the bedrooms. I start in the kids room. It's easiest considering Hadleigh is napping during this time...or really it's just better to get this finished. More people go in there than into my room...so let's get started....

First thing I like to do is bust out new Sterilite containers. I always buy new containers, about once a year. Mainly because the boys are rough on these. Plus at 3 - 5 bucks a tub...it's easier to just get new ones. In the end I'm going to have a better storage solution, but this is low cost for us right now. I like to go one tub at a time. I re-write the label on the new tub (this can be done many ways and actually will be a tutorial soon). Now I go through the old tub...deciding what stays and what goes. Re-organizing always helps...especially because the kids always are getting new toys and pushing old outdated toys out of the limelight (Sorry toys...I know you all have secret lives) Now we have 5 tubs under Brien's lifted bed...one for any type of car, one for pretend play, one for miscellaneous toys, one for legos *this is the biggest bucket under the bed *, and then one solely for outdoor toys. Those are all the big boys toys...Brien has the closet floor. There are 2 sterilite tubs, a basket & 2 tubs of legos. His box consists of Buzz Lightyear and Woody figures, pretend play items and dinosaurs. These toys are then organized properly and weeded out. The next tub is stuffed animals...ALWAYS reduce stuffed animals. They take up space and really there's no reason for a million of them! Once the closet floor is organized...we move to clothing...

Clothes...are so easy to take care of. We go through Nathanael's first...if it doesn't fit it goes into a pile. The remainder is left hanging in the closet (all of his shirts and hoodies are hung...yes, even t-shirts) Then we get to Thomas' side. We find what finds and doesn't and sort them. Then we look through Nathanael's pile and see if he wants anything out of there...if not Nathanael's left over's pile gets put into a big bag. I go through and pick out some t-shirts and button ups for Brien and then Tommy's left over's get hoisted in the the same bag. We continue through Brien's closet space (he has the small armoire closet) his stuff doesn't get saved unless it's in tip top shape and then it's given to either a friend or my sister in-law who is saving some of my kids awesomeness in case she has a boy. Then we move onto jeans. If they don't fit and are in good shape...they go into the bag. If they suck...they get thrown out. We don't "hand-me-down" jeans...same with shoes. Once this is finished...we move onto changing the sheets, dusting the blinds (done once a month anyway) and vacuuming ...this room is finished!

My room....oh god where do we start hahaha...I'm so kidding....actually we go through my closet...reorganizing the clothes from where I've purged. My closet is organized by items and then colors. We have jeans, shorts, skirts, beach dresses, t-shirts, tanks, dressy dresses, sweaters and hoodies. And then everything is organized in it's category by color....and yes when I mean the color blue it goes from navy to turquoise...not all mixed together. I then move onto changing the sheets, purging Hadleigh's clothing that's she's grown out of.....this is done whenever she grows...since she's currently now in 3-6 months we have only done this once. This all takes care of the bed and my changing room. The rest of the room is simply. I clean the piano, vacuum the floor and dust. Studley's clothes I don't mess with, mostly because I make him go through his own clothes once in a while...again because I buy him new stuff :). Yeah you heard it from me...if it weren't for me & Studley's mom....Studley would never buy new clothes.

And then tada...bedrooms complete. Now this is simple for me because I always purge clutter. If it won't benefit me to keep it in the next year or so then I toss it. I am in LOVE with throwing stuff out or donating...there is no need to continue to accumulate JUNK!

Purging is good for the soul.

Cleaning is best done to a soundtrack...put on your favorite jams and clean away.

Have the kids help (ONLY if you can handle the insanity that will ensue!)

Have a trash basket. Get an extra laundry basket and put all trash into that. Then tote it from room to room.

Don't throw stuff away that can be donated...if you are willing to take it. DON'T have donation stuff laying around cluttering up for days and weeks...

If you don't have the storage space...don't keep it.

KEEP YOUR STORAGE SPACE CLEAN AND ORGANIZED. It's one thing to have a storage space...it's another thing not to know what's in it and where! You ask me where my stuff is in my storage closet I know exactly what box and where that box is. This is very important for small spaces and it will really help you with bigger ones! The bigger you space the more junk you'll accumulate!

If you do have the storage space...pro and con the reasons for keeping...be honest with yourself about it. Less junk means a cleaner looking space.

For today...that should be enough! :) I don't want you to get burnt out just reading! Now go get your vacuum and get to work!!

Love always,

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