Making Time

Making time sounds so much easier than done....either way last night between taking the kids to rangers, filling orders and spending my time with my super awesome brother & s.i.l good ol' me didn't get around to making my craft. Yes...I disappoint even myself! haha

Ooooh and I'm over it. What I'm gonna do for you is this....post the tutorial, because it's not mine. So I'm gonna link it up and let you guys go crazy.

I love the The Tidy Nest. When I can get over there and pay attention to actually reading blogs...I check this one first. Definitely one of my favorites. Now this tutorial was actually sent to me by my fabulous friend Sophie. I saw it and say yes I'm going to make this. I'm also in love with Mod-Podge at the moment and so this tutorial.

Here's the deal. I link the tutorial. You go out and get the stuff & make them...because let me tell you...the materials cost me less than $3...of course I already had scrap book paper & mod-podge, but if you done my coaster tutorial...you'll already have mod-podge anyway...If you make this craft PLEASE post pictures! I love seeing fan photos...so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment with a photo!

On that note...check this out!

The Tidy Nest's Mod-Podge Magnets

Have fun & I can't wait to see pictures!



  1. I want to make these so bad!:)

  2. I was at Joann's and I saw some small packages of stuff so I was like yes I'll buy them and then probably go back for more later! I can't wait!