Spring Cleaning *Part IV

Ok...so I'm way late on this. I have a good reason and you know that it has to do with being completely blessed with booming business! A quick thank you to all of you who have placed an order! It means a bunch to me and I'm so excited to see my hats everywhere...it's a great feeling.

Now on to the spring cleaning...Your house is clean...and you love love love that feeling (I know I do). Spring cleaning (please don't wait until spring...I do it at least 3 times a year. Makes it WAY easier and much faster each time instead of letting a years worth of junk pile up into nonsense!) is an awesome way to purge unnecessary clutter and really just keep your area clean and stress free. Now that the hard work is done...the best thing to do is to MAINTAIN your clean home. Instead of letting pile up create a daily chore list. I know it sounds like you're going back in time to when you were a kid, but each room has a specific list of things to do daily to keep the house clean.

Again start in a smaller room...the faster it gets done the happier you'll be. It'll seem like it's going by fast. I start daily in the bathroom. After I get ready for the day I start with a counter wipe, mirror clean and I do a quick clean of the toilet (having 4 boys in the house this is a must...) I've compiled a list to help you out....

Bathroom - The one cloth clean

Start with the mirror. Try an all purpose cleaner like Greenworks or Windex (I love windex antibacterial lemon cleaner) or use your normal window cleaner.

Wipe down the sink. Then move onto the sink. Put away all the stuff...make up, toothbruses, toothpaste, (my kids love to leave their mouthwash on the counter), and any other paraphernalia left out. Spray you sink (again multi purpose cleaners are AMAZING!) Same rag wipe it down!

Wipe down the toilet. Obviously this is the LAST thing you do with this cloth. Wipe down the seat (our new seat has little locks on the fastener so you turn them and the entire lid pops off...LOVE this feature...makes thorough cleaning that much easier.) Wipe the outside of the bowl and the floor around it. Into the dirty clothes goes the rag! 

Swoosh the toilet bowl with a brush. I love my scrubbing bubbles toilet brush...its quick and convenient and super duper easy!

Kitchen - The easy clean

Wash the dishes and wipe down the sink. Load the dishes into the dishwasher or wash them up by hand. Either way when dishes are clean the kitchen already looks better. Wipe down the spatters and the spills off the counter around the sink and wipe out the sink when done.

Wipe down the counters and stove. Take your dishcloth and do a good wipe down of all your counter space and the stove top. Keeps everything looking fresh. Also gives you time to throw away the piles of junk and papers that have been piling up on the counters. Wipe down the front of the stove, dishwasher & fridge.

Sweep & Mop. Now I sweep and mop my floors daily. Keeps the place looking and smelling fresh. You don't need to do a full mop daily if it doesn't work for you...but wipe up problem areas on the floor with your cloth.

Hang up or fold dish towels. Nothing is worse than sour towels. I don't normally use my towels for more than a day, but during that day they're folded neatly and hang over the counter. Giving ample drying time and keeping them handy.

Living Room - The need clean space

Clean up major clutter. Put away video games, movies, toys and anything else that may be lurking about...toss out trash and papers that may have accumulated since the kids are home from school with homework :).

Wipe down your tables. Get your cleaner and a cloth and wipe down all the tops and sides of your tables and cabinets in your living room.

Straighten the coffee table and end tables. End tables are small so they don't normally collect anything...but your coffee table should have it's books, remotes, coasters and so on fixed into a nicely organized space. I hate stuff sitting out, so everything has it's place.

Straighten and Tidy your sofas. Fold blankets and vacuum under the sofa cushions. Straighten cushions and fix pillows.

Sweep and mop the floors. Again sweeping daily (if you have wood floors) or vacuuming daily keeps the floors looking clean and a clean floor helps keep the house look clean. Vacuum any rugs you may have.

Dining Room - The clutter collector

Clean off your dining room table. This is where we collect a ton of stuff. Go through all the papers and miscellaneous stuff and throw away or put away everything. Wipe the table down. 

Sweep & mop. I live by this :)

Bedroom - The last thought of place

Make your bed. Best thing you can do for a room to look clean.

Fold up any clean clothes and put away jewelry. That's pretty self explanatory. lol Really just keeping things picked up and put away makes every place organized and clean.

Vacuum. Clean floors...definitely the road to a clean house.

Laundry - a daily dose of clean clothes is the way to keep ahead.

Do a load or two a day. Start to finish laundry is the best way. I mean washing, drying, folding and putting away is the perfect way to stay on top of the massive piling of clothes that can occur. I know I hate laundry...

So now you're done with your daily chores and you can get on with the rest of your life :) Have a cup of tea and play a little.

Ok I'm off to fill some orders & do my daily chores, but I felt like this was necessary to finish our list! Have a great and happy Sunday! And I'll be back soon! I definitely need to do some updating! :) See you all around and if you can't get enough of Love, Hadleigh...head on over to facebook and like us:

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