Lovely, Lovely News!

Hello, hello!
I know again here I sit apologizing to you for my lack, my super large major lack, of not being here to post!

Ay yi yi! So...here's the deal....I suck haha. Actually I've been inundated with orders and oh yes! Hadleigh has reached her prime teething awesomeness!!! Oh yes and PS....she's learned out to climb...yes super cute and yes we are now in the process of removing things from low places...to high places...ugh.

Now to the beautifully awesome lovely news....

First:      I've been asked if I will wholesale to a shop! To iron out the details...yes. :)
Second: Super awesome...May 7, 2011...Occoquan Elementary Craft Show...Love, Hadleigh Designs WILL BE THERE!!!! I'm so excited to be a part of this opportunity! So come out and support us!!

Things are going great! And I know this news bodes busy tidings for Love, Hadleigh, but it's awesome news! I know I'll try to get on here and get my projects done that I've been talking about for ages! But as for now.......I'm am super psyched that these opportunities are opening for me.

I hope you all understand...and I promise I haven't forgotten about you all! Also if you'd like to place an order...send me an email!!! I would love to brighten your day with a beautiful hat! :)


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