I can't believe it's been 10 years already...I remember it like it just happened yesterday. I didn't have any babies yet...in fact I wasn't even in my last trimester with Nathanael. I was sitting at home watching the news, having a cup of tea and in the middle of laundry.

I sat and cried most of the day. Thinking of families who've now lost loved ones due to the selfishness and repulsiveness of the people willing to take not only their lives, but the lives of millions of others. Not stopping to think that maybe these people had husbands, wives, babies, kids, moms, dads, and any other branch of relationship a human can have. No they saw terror. The way to bring the biggest terror possible.

It wasn't like a that for America. No. I saw it as a reason to bring the entire country together and fight back against these people so willing to take away from people they didn't even know. We banded together like a giant family. Consoling those who've lost, comforting any fears that were there, and standing strong....Together.

Watching the news today brings back all of those feelings. My eyes are welling up with tears and just listening to the stories is just heart breaking.

They tried to break us. We didn't break...we got stronger. I thank all of the firefighters, our soldiers, the courageous men and women in the towers trying to help, on flight 93, all of the men and women in the Pentagon and the families who've lost and a country who has bonded and come together as a family. Thank you of all of your courage, bravery and strength.

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